How to maintain and repair concrete pump used on the generator Concrete pump machine maintenance generator includes both routine inspection and cleaning. 1, daily inspection

(1) Check the belt is normal Check the wear and tension of the belt, if badly worn, loose lines, cracks, replace with new belts. If loose drive belt slack should be adjusted so that the tightness of the belt properly. (2) Check the generator pole is loose You can hand to touch the pole at a standstill, if loose, should be tightened; bad if the insulation should be removed for repair. (3) Check the generator pole is loose It can be touched by hand at standstill Mobile concrete mixing plants for sale in china pole, if loose, should be tightened; if poor insulation should be removed for repair. (4) Check rectifier is bad Rectifier dirt should be removed, use sand paper pulp rectifier sanded smooth and cleaned with a brush, so that the rectifier good contact. If (5) Check bearing lubrication normal If the bearing oil, can trickle a few drops of oil from the oil cup mouth. It must be noted, the oil may not penetrate the rectifier to prevent the effects of energy transfer. (6) Check whether the badly worn bearing Removable bearing cleaning, if badly worn, it should be replaced with new bearings. (7) Check the brush is normal Generally, there are two brushes unusual performance: First, brush contact surface uneven, use fine sandpaper to open; the second is the lack of brush spring pressure, it should be replaced with new springs.

2, daily cleaning

Do the daily cleaning to prevent the generator malfunction premise cleaning methods are as follows: (1) Always check the wiper on the generator is solid, if loose should be tightened, but you can not remove the need to prevent dust from entering the machine, resulting in mechanical damage. (2) often lead generator decontamination, dust treatment, the wire be kept clean and dry to prevent the occurrence of leakage due to damp lead.

Concrete pump after construction is completed, how can clean the pump body

After construction is completed, the YHZS25 Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant From China Manufacturer special nature of the work, the whole body pump concrete affirmation already dirty, then how can I clean it? The cleaning method and what? Clean is not clean, it will have a lot of sand on the inside, gravel, easily lead to cause the blockade at the next construction, it will damage the machine is usability. 1, pipeline cleaning Cleaning There are two ways to choose from, one air wash, the second is water. 2, concrete pump cleaning After each pumping concrete, the equipment should be cleaned, if the place a few days, the concrete has set, think clean is not so easy. And if it is the winter season piston should be removed, the water emptying. Washing requires cutting clearance ring and eye plate should be small, but this process requires plenty of water, and prevent the penetration of water, so as not to affect the quality of concrete equipment stored inside.


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