Concrete mixer maintenance Concrete mixers security well without Zhiai work and operations managers are always very willing to hope for something, and then specialized machinery is manually operated, if the use of time is too long, will inevitably be some Zhiai up, you let everybody Dayan today Brain answer it. 1. Concrete mixer motor Routine Maintenance significance concrete mixer machinery and equipment can work properly, a very important part is that the various parts of the motor (mixing console stirring motor, lift motor; cm180m 180l electric cement mortar mixer rotating motor belt conveyor; screw conveyor motors and other machine) can operate normally. Therefore, the motor maintenance is also very important, a lot of people always pay attention to maintenance or do not know how maintenance, wait until motor problems, the motor can only maintenance, and repair if it is necessary to spend money, but also delay the work. Maintenance only regret not doing before. Maintenance is also a major problem. 2. The concrete mixer as a range of equipment, production of a link attached to a link, no matter which part of a problem, there is no way a professional normal equipment and efficient production, so the conservation of production equipment, each component It should be noted that in addition to the person in charge and responsible for every aspect other than their own links, but also pay attention to the convergence between each other, so that concrete mixer can be professional and efficient equipment to complete the job, in the production of concrete mixer, double axle compulsory concrete cement mixer india manufacturers batching machine is to provide the raw materials equipment, its production is good or bad, is directly related to the quality of the final product, and is great for the impact of production equipment, and today, as a professional manufacturer of concrete mixer machine Henan Lianhua introduce investors on the main suppliers Mixed stirred some solutions station equipment Dosing equipment failure when hope for the majority of concrete mixers investors can help: 3. part with the gap concrete mixer equipment appropriate adjustments. The site inspection should be fixed hopper, cut off the power when entering the hopper outside should someone custody. Concrete mixing station will do four things every week Concrete mixing stations powder supply system is the core of the concrete mixing station, then, in concrete mixing station when conservation, conservation of its powder supply system is the need to seriously and carefully. Moreover, for the powder supply system of concrete mixing station, every week there are four things children must be done. Weekly must cement warehouse roof dust means vibrator repeatedly, the dust bag (filter rod) on sticky ash cleared to ensure smooth running of gas. Inlet duct wall, screw conveyor discharge port must be comprehensive clean-up once a week to prevent hard caking and debris lay a trap and a lack of material failure. No longer need to use cement screw inside the vent. Concrete mixing station outside the ball bearing screw conveyor head office, at the central support bearing grease every four hours must note once (WAM screw conveyor without greasing), js2000 twin shaft self-loading concrete mixer the tail gearbox oil change first time to work 500 hours later replace a grease (lithium grease No. 00) a year. In this concrete mixing plant workshop technicians to alert you to the operating personnel quality concrete mixing station; in general, small mixing plant structure is relatively simple, the control system is also relatively simple, so the lower operating maintenance staff requirements. While the larger station complex structure, high degree of automation, so the operators requirements are also higher. In addition to the front so you consider several factors when buying mixing station outside factors should be considered under this section.